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Dec 28, 2010 at 11:13 AM

BI LSO - use of business content: problem and limitation



we are working on BI to develop some reports from LSO data. We are using 0HR_LSO_1 and 0HR_LSO_3 for participation and resource reservation and a lot of custom datasources from infotype 1001, 1000, 1042, 5007, and so on.

We have met lot of problem in modelling a simple and flexible BI data model, because of lack of information from business content and time dependent maintenance of many information.

Just to report few of the problem we have, we notice that

1. no link between EK and D object is extracted by standard datasource, so no information is there if a D as been attemped as a single course or as a course between several from an EK object;

2. no master data is there for the 0LEARNER characteristic and no link is there with 0EMPLOYEE to better describe P object; if participant is not a P object, you don't have any information about it (!); master data is there for the 0TRAINTYPE characteristic; we needed to add lot of information to better describe the D object (!);

3. presence of 0TRAINGROUP in participation datasource may cause doubled of information (doubled count of participation) if D object is located under several L object in ovelapping time interval;

3. resource reservation datasource is not able to extract data if resource type is not defined in LSO;

4. performance is quite poor caused by lot of calculation doing by FM "read_infotype_1001" type;

5. no pre-enrolment is considered in business content;

6. no link between resource and participant is there, so you cannot provide any report of type "who partecipate to the edition with this reource type" in a simple way;


We have to develop lot of custom to handle lot of problem like those; so I would like to share experience in BI LSO data flow design and development: please let me have your observation.

thanks in advance.