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Dec 08, 2016 at 02:25 PM

Implementing and Managing OSS Notes - De-implement, Promote, or Widow

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I'm interested in learning more about how other companies manage the implementation of OSS notes, specifically when notes do not resolve an issue. Our process is to apply notes to our development system to fix issues we encounter, test and move to the next system. We find some notes and others are recommended by SAP via OSS incidents. Sometimes the notes resolve the issue and sometimes they don't. Currently, we're challenged with de-implementing notes, especially when the note includes manual activities; these have typically failed to fully de-implement which requires OSS incidents to resolve and potential impact to project build.

What do you do with the notes that do not resolve the issue?

  1. Do you de-implement them?
  2. Assuming the notes are included in a support pack and do not cause other issues, do you promote them to your production system?
  3. Do you leave them implemented in the development system (widowed in the development system)?

There are pros and cons to each option. In discussions with SAP, they suggest two practices. First, if you implement a note then promote it to the production system. Assuming it doesn't cause other issues and is in a support pack, the code correction will eventually be implemented. A second practice they recommend is to periodically (monthly) review newly released notes relevant to your system. Then implement and promote them to your production system.