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Publishing BSP Page


i am working with CRM 4.0 with Portal EP6.0 SP2 and Patch3 with the latest office for both Portal and CM Collaboration Management. I know nothing about BSP. I need to publishing a BSP page. Anyone can help me how i can publishing an business server page ? The infrastructure is the follow

Portal EP60 SP2

CRM 4.0

ISA 4.0 ( with WAS 6.20 )

Best regards all

Walter Rieppi


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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jul 08, 2004 at 12:41 PM

    Do you mean how to make a BSP page active so you can access it from a web browser?

    If so then after creating the BSP (se80) and setting it to "ACTIVE" go to transaction SCIF

    see graphic:

    Find your's in the list then set the "service" active. Make sure your HTTP process is active as well then load the page:

    http: //<server>:<port: default 8003 i think>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/<BSP name>/

    If you are wanting to make the BSP available in your portal then after doing the above you can make a link in your portal or an iView which loads the URL to the BSP.

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    Former Member
    Jul 08, 2004 at 02:18 PM

    Hello Walter,

    it seems that you want to display BSP-Page in the EP. That's what you mean by "publishing" a BSP which was written in CRM-System, I guess.


    If you habe to start from scratch it'll be difficult and you will need some portal documentation how to integrate a BSP.

    Here's a short version:

    Login to the portal as admin. Go to System Admin->System Config. In the "Browse"-Tab look for the role. Then right click on the role a select "new->system".

    Create a new system which is a connection to a R/3 System - in your case the CRM System. But for this step you need detailed info about what to select and what to enter.

    If you habe a connection you can go to the Content Admin Area and add the BSP via the created connection to a specific role - as far as I can remember.

    So you see it's better to look in the service marketplace or here in SDN for a EP documentation and a how to guid for the integration of BSP's.

    Regards, Bernd

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    Former Member
    Jul 09, 2004 at 02:17 PM

    Hi Rieppi-

    Craig and Bernd are both correct with their ideas.

    Here is another idea for you- provide your BSP application as an external iView. Here is what you will need to do for that:

    (1) Before you can start creating the iView itself you have to define the SAP WAS system DocuLink Web is running on. To specify the system navigate to “System Administration=>System Configuration=>System”. Right-click on “Portal Content” and choose “New=>System”

    (2) Select “SAP_R3_ConnectionString” and specify the general properties of the system. When the wizard has finished right-click on the system and choose “Edit=>System Aliases”. Add an alias for the system and save it.

    (3) Right-click on the system once more and choose “Edit=>Object”. Under “Web Application Server” insert the protocol and host name that should be used when connecting to the system.

    (4) Having the system configured you can now start defining the iView. Navigate to “Content Administration=>Portal Content”. Right-click on Portal Content and choose “New=>iView”.

    (5) Select SAP BSP iView as template and specify the properties.

    (6) Don’t forget to save the iView. You can test the new iView by clicking on “Preview”.

    Hope this helps,

    - Vik.

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    Former Member
    Jul 09, 2004 at 03:34 PM

    Something I just thought about, have already created the BSP or is that the first part you are having trouble with? We all seem to be giving you the ideas of how to get the BSP visible but is the BSP even created yet?

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    • Former Member Brian McKellar

      I noticed the date as well but occasionally it's always nice to search through the forum for un answered posts and try to bring a spark back. Perhaps it was overlooked in the first place due to a high post percantage or so. Also helps for searching in the future by others 😊

      I'd like to suggest that everyone take the time to search for a post with 0 replies and try to give a helping hand.