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Dec 28, 2010 at 10:12 AM

How to use table dependencies?


hi all

I have got a question.

I have made 2 additional fields for the transaction CBIH82 ( for creating an incident ).

Those 2 fields are equipment and equipment description.

The idea for these 2 fields is that the description fields show the description of the chosen equipment.

So, when a user chooses an equipment, the first field is filled with an equipment number and via this number the

description which belongs to it should be retrieved from the master data.

But so far i had not seen a method to accomplish this. There is a solution which is ' object dependencies'

When you use this, you can set a value in another field with help of the value of fields which has this object dependency

But not do any thing wth tables or so.

I have searched for user exits, but also did not find any thing. And i have not got another good idea.

So, do you have a good idea? How to do this?

Kind regards,

Anton Pierhagen