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May 13, 2004 at 09:12 PM

In not so distant future will SAP exist without ABAP-?


With Netweaver providing DB schema for seperately for Java ,the possibilities are immense for customers to develop new applications in web enabled scenarios totally using Java or .net,avoiding Abap altogether if they want.

The old BAPI route is not the only route anymore into SAP.

I am an old Abapper, new to Netweaver I am still trying to grasp at the entire platform -technologies that come with Netweaver(like someone studying water lilies by Monet 😊 each day it looks more interesting than before).

But my basic question is will the core software suite of SAP currently existing only in ABAP form (including BAPis) going to transform slowly into non ABAP version also?

Example will core SAP programs that is sales order ,MRP run will be avialable in Java some day?

Simply put will SAP exist without ABAP in totality?

Or will SAP choose best of both worlds -its own ABAP world developed over years along with the product itself and the O-O as we know from Java,.Net.

On same line of thought,is ABAP as business language for SAP will be replaced slowly-outside-in model?

I welcome some light on my queries.

-Shankar T S.