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May 13, 2004 at 08:54 AM

Adaptive RFC questions


I have successfully used and enhanced the FlightList example.

Now I'm trying to do some real life stuff and I have some problems and questions

I use a BAPI as model (BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE).

1. I apply templates to generate a controller and to populate a view with a form. Most fields in the form becomes protected or read-only, without any sign of this in the properties for the fields or the context. What should I do to be able to enter values in these fields. The fields that are writable are the attributes directly under the top node (circle with c icon), and the ones under the next level nodes (yellow/grey arrow icon.

2. If I edit the data link between the controller and the model, I can see a number of nodes. When should I use which one? (Bapi_Alm_Notif_Create_Input - which have an output node, Bapi_Alm_Notif_Create_Output, Bapi_Sender, Bapi2080_Notactvi, Bapi2080_<many different>, Bapiflag, Bapiret2). In the flight list example I only used the Input part.