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Dec 27, 2010 at 09:15 PM

Electronic Bank Statement Determining Incorrect Business Partners


Have an issue with some electronic bank statements we import into SAP. Several of the line items we get from the bank identify the incorrect business partner when creating the payment advice. We are using intepretation algorirthm 001 to interpret the Note to Payee field in the statment.

We do have 5 search strings in place which do successfully replace the text in the Note to Payee and replace with the vendor #. These work just fine.

What is weird to me is that when I repeat the issue in another environment and simulate using FEBSTS, it is finding "document numbers" that are text strings and somehow determining the vendor from that. I cannot figure out what logic it is using to do this and why it thinks that when it sees ABCDEGF in the Note to Payee it should be for vendor 1234555, for example.

These are files from Citibank and the Note to Payee field is in German if that make any difference. The easy solution is to setup search strings that correspond to the text found in there like we do for the other 5 instances which would solve it but we probably won't catch all instances upfront and this issue will still be present;

Thanks in advance for any assistance.