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Dec 27, 2010 at 06:15 PM

PO error message.


Hi people,

I'm tryin to change a Error message to Warning on PO, when the Vendor of the header is not equal the Vendor of the Item .

I changed the message when I insert the 1st contract item, but when I insert the 2st item the error appears again and don't change.

I insert the code bellow:

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------

if gw_mepoheader-lifnr ne v_lifnr.

ls_item = im_item->get_data( ).

gf_id = ls_item-id.

mmpur_metafield mmmfd_vendor.

if not gf_id is initial.

mmpur_remove_messages_by_id ls_item-id.

mmpur_business_obj_id ls_item-id.


mmpur_metafield mmmfd_vendor.

message id '06' type 'W' number '047' into gl_dummy.

mmpur_message_forced 'W' '06' '047' v_lifnr gw_mepoheader-lifnr '' ''.

call method im_item->invalidate( ).



How can I change this status from 'E' to 'W' always this type message appears ?

Some one can help-me ?

tks to all...