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May 11, 2004 at 04:34 PM

Force a logon to the BW server via webtemplate URL, when already loged on


Hi all BW experts.

I am currently working on a BW project where we have developed more than 80 Web templates. One of the web templates (DEFAULT) should be visible to everyone on the intranet, without logging on to the BW server. We created a dummy user with no authorization and added the following to the URL pointing to the DEFAULT template:


It works perfect and the WEB template is displayed without prompting for UserID and PW.

We have made a MENU webtemplate (K_MENU), containing only our roles in a role web item. But when the user tries to access this web template from a link on the intranet, the BW system continues to use the dummy user and PW

(&sap-user=xxx&sap-password=xxx) !!!

Hence the user is not prompted for UserID and PW, and the page is blank because the dummy user does not have any roles assigned.

We use the following URL to access the K_MENU template:

Is there a way to change the URL above to force that the user is prompted for UserID and PW ? The BW system/WAS must not continue to use the dummy user.

Alternative solutions are very welcome, because the goal is to display one single webtemplate on the intranet, without having to logon.

Hope someone has a bright idea,

Niels Lausten, SAP DK