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May 11, 2004 at 02:56 PM

How to Memorize Between Different Apps Within the Portal?


Hi there,

imagin an application which consists of different sub-applications, S1, S2, S3 (at the moment, these are defined as applications within one webdynpro project). Each of these apps starts with a wizard, asking for the name of user-A and user-B.

This application will run within EP; the sub-apps will be menu entries within the detailed navigation.

A user calls S1, typing in data for user-A and user-B, goes on within the wizard and then after finishing (or maybe also before) changes to S2 or S3. Now it is quite normal that he will again use the same user-A and user-B - so these now should be the default values (the same holds if he starts with S2 and then goes to S3 or S1, so in general the last values typed in by the user within one of these sub-apps should be used as default values).

Any idea? Is there any predefined way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance


PS: For long term use of the application, it would be possible to store these values within a DB, which is used anyhow. So the user would have default values even days after he used the app the last time. Nevertheless, I ask myself if there is also a quick way to achieve this behaviour for session-lifecycle.