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Dec 27, 2010 at 08:58 AM

Database Upgrade - Kernel Version Issue



We are using Netweaver 2004, Installed on Linux 3 EL and Oracle is

Now we are going to Upgrade Oracle to 10.2 and as Linux 5 EL support it , We will also Upgrade OS to Linux Redhat 5EL.

Now when I go to PAM -> Netweaver 2004 ->Database Platform -> Application Server ABAP->Kernel 6.40 64 Bit ->LINUX REDHAT EL5/X86_64->

We see

released Database Version Operating System Date Status System Status Remarks

ORACLE 10.2 64-BIT LINUX REDHAT EL5/X86_64 64BIT 24.07.2007 Released

In Remark it shows :

Immediate upgrade to upcoming EX2 version of SAP kernel is mandatory after EX2 kernel has become available (Q4/07). EX2 kernel will require Oracle 10.2 or higher on the server side.

Now I am thinking should I upgrade Kernel to EX2 release after Upgrade.Presently we are using 640REL.

Please suggest.


Shivam Mittal