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Dec 27, 2010 at 06:07 AM

MII Development and Qaulity behaving differntly with java version.


HI all,

we have MII version 12.0.5 Build 126. Recently the computers the user's use got updated with the latest version of java (1.6.0_23) . After this we are finding strange behaviour with MII Quality server.

In the consume Screen when we try to do a batch consumption, i get the below error

Problem reading data from the server: java-security-AccessControlException: acess denied( Connect,resolve ) ......

however this happens only in the quality server. Development and Production works fine with the latest java version. When i downgrade to lower java version 1.6.0, then it works fine in the quality server.

Initailly when i started troubleshooting this error i was under the impression that downgrading the java version would suffice, but dev and prod working fine with the new java version raises a concern that there must be something wrong with quality server.

When i add this string to java policy file the issue gets fixed, but we want to know the cause why it is behaving differently with QA server.

grant{permission "","connect,resolve";};*

I am sutck on this i issue as to where to look.

Kindly Help.