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May 07, 2004 at 08:10 PM

MC-BSP-MVC: Passing contents of HTMLB-TextEdit control from view to control


Hello Experts-

I am trying to pass an HTMLB:TextEdit control from a view to my controller.

I can pass a string field from the view [HTMLB:InputField] to a class attribute in my controller class through the 'DO_HANDLE_DATA' method. Unfortunately the same syntax is not working when I am trying to pass the contents of the HTMLB:TextEdit control from my view into a class attribute with the same table type as in the HTMLB:TextEdit field on my view.

What is the correct syntax/technique for passing a muti-line text edit field (which I am assuming is handled by the view as an internal table) from the view to the controller?

Your help will be appreciated.


- Vik.

P.S.: The syntax in the controller class' 'DO_HANDLE_EVENT' that I use for passing strings from my view to my controller is:

field-symbols: <field> type ihttpnvp.

read table form_fields with table key

name = 'selapprover' assigning <field>.

me->selapprover = <field>-value.