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Dec 25, 2010 at 02:13 AM

LSMW Inbound IDoc Start IDoc Processing Error 'No description transferred'


Hello all you experts out there,

I am a little bit of a novice with LSMW. I have had success loading Material Master with Direct Input, so now I am trying to do the same with an Inbound IDoc.

I am using Message Type : MATMAS | Basic Type : MATMAS05. I had to configure the Ports, Partner Type, and Partner Number to the best of my ability. I have included all the screen shots associated with that in the link below.

I had some issues that required me to change Process Code for the Message Type, but got past that. Now that I am attempting to process the IDoc, I am getting a hard error on the Start IDoc Processing step. Status Text = u201CApplication document not postedu201D. Error Text = u201CMessages have been issued number 00000000000070048u201D

I processed the IDoc again so I can look at the errors in Transaction MM90. I see that there is an error of u201CNo description transferredu201D immediately after the confirmed message of 'Trying to create : Z000020___ ___ ___ u2026'. That message is then followed by the confirmed message 'Trying to change: Z000020___ ___ ___ u2026'. The other error message fallows as 'The material Z000020 does not exist or is not activated'

I simply cannot understand the error message 'No description transferred'. There is no long text associated with it, and there is no reference to a field that might be missing data. I donu2019t know how to fix this at all and have no clue as to where this is coming from.

The link below has a ZIP file that contains all the screen shots of my LSMW project, and the load file I used. Some of the values I provided in mapping are not in the load file. They are constants as a rule in mapping.

Please help. I donu2019t even have an error message to investigate, it is too non-descriptive.

The file is safe. I know that can be worrisome for us all.

Thank you so much the help guys. I always remember to give points.

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