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Dec 24, 2010 at 05:08 PM

MaxDB on VMWare - 2 system connected to the same MaxDB database


Dear SAP,

I do have a strange problem. Let's summarize :

1. P1E is running on serveur saperp01. P1E is our productive ECC system.

2. We have restored P1E on serveur saperp09.

3. saperp01 and saperp09 are both virtual serveurs, who are running on the same physical server.

Summary :

1. On virtual server saperp01, we have P1E.

2. On virtual server saperp09, we have P1E.

3. Both virtual serveur are running on physical serveur vmsapprod1.

When I start P1E from saperp09 (the restored system), it connects to the database from server saperp01 and not to its own database which is running on saperpp09.

I have changed DEFAULT.PFL profile.

I have copied START_DVEBMGS17_saperp01 to P1E_DVEBMGS17_saperp09 and modify it.

I have also copied P1E_DVEBMGS17_saperp01 to P1E_DVEBMGS17_saperp09.

Any inputs is welcome to understand why my P1E system running on saperp09 is connecting to database running on saperp01 when it starts ...

Merry Christmas !

SAP NetWeaverAdmin