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May 06, 2004 at 08:27 AM

Changes Persistence API SP1->SP2



I'm currently porting a persistence SP1 application to persistence SP2.

SP1 API was pretty clear and easy to understand.

SP2 API has deprecated loads of methods and introduced incompatibilities but neither new examples nor updated docs are available.

Will there be an updated documentation for the persistence layer?

What is the PersistedObject2 used for?

How should it be handled in Entity2? How is TransactionManager/2 to be used? Start Transaction in TransactionManager and Commit it in TransactionManager2?

Can I ignore all those "2" objects?

Why do circular linked objects not work anymore:

Customer has linked list of salesorders, salesorder has link to Customer object.

Loading the customer as DEPENDENT or COMPLETE, leads to recursive loading of customer/salesorder, recursion is stopped by a "OutOfStack"-Exception.

Questions over questions. Anyone has answers/hints/pointers/code?

Best regards,