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What is dbisql equivalent to "using client file"

Dec 08, 2016 at 12:59 PM


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I have dbisql on one machine and the IQ server on another. I would like to run the following select statement and reference the directories with respect to the dbisql machine. I see "using client file" for the load statement. What is the equivalent with dbisql?

dbisql -host ${HOST} -port ${PORT} -c "uid=${IQNYUSER};pwd=${IQNYPASSWD}" -nogui "
set temporary option query_plan = on;
set temporary option query_plan_after_run = on;
set temporary option query_timing = on;
set temporary option query_detail = on;
set temporary option row_counts = on;
set temporary option index_advisor = on;
set temporary option query_plan_as_html = on;
set option query_plan_as_html_directory = '/home/iq/p1/team/ess/scripts/perf';
set temporary option temp_extract_name1='${NYDATADIR}/CashFlow.dat';
set temporary option temp_extract_column_delimiter='|';
set temporary option temp_extract_row_delimiter='\n';
from table;"

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Mar 02, 2017 at 02:34 PM

To use the 'using client file' syntax, you must be using dbisl, not isql, as the syntax is only supported with the IQ native driver used by dbisql (which actually uses a jdbc-odbc bridge driver), not older dbisql or isql that allowed jConnect or TDS protocol. TDS (OpenClient does not support 'using client file'.

To use it in dbisql as a user, however, DBA must first grant the privilege to the user and also the option, so the data is allowed to flow from the client file, instead of a server file.


set option <user>.allow_read_client_file='On';

grant read client file to <user>;


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