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May 04, 2004 at 12:18 PM

CSF shows strange errors



I ran into a problem with the csf.

In the first case, when pressing the button which gets some data from a RFC Model (Class-method), the table shows the details correctly. Nevertheless if I let me show the csf output (tracer) it gives me following output right after the data transport finished:

000625 [unknownClass.unknownMethod] [DEBUG] time consumption for update attributes...begin

000000 [unknownClass.unknownMethod] [DEBUG] Control ID: CNCOKGKM.SucheResultView.ResultTable___CSF_WDTable

000016 [unknownClass.unknownMethod] [DEBUG] dataSource: 375

000000 [unknownClass.unknownMethod] [DEBUG] Control ID: CNCOKGKM.SucheResultView.Tel1_Numbr_editor_Viewer___CSF_SimpleTextView

000000 [unknownClass.unknownMethod] [DEBUG] text: 15

000000 [unknownClass.unknownMethod]

..... and so on and so on...

In another case when trying to access an Instance-method, I'll get a bunch of similar errors as well and the table will NOT show any data, although the line is being inserted empty (yellow selection).

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,