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Dec 23, 2010 at 04:48 AM

Design approach for adding fields



We have 3 fields , PROC , LOC and PHY.

LOC and PHY.are at item level and PROC at header level.

This is causing problems in the report that if we want to display all fields in one row , it doesnu2019t appear that way.

We do not want to make any change in the query for this.

We have an item level DSO which contains the LOC and PHY and a header level DSO that contains PROC.

One approach that we thought was to add all PROC also into Item level DSO, make the header level DSO (the one that contains PROC field) as source to the item level DSO.

Will this cause data issues since we would then have PROC added to both the item level and header level DSO?

Other approach is to add all three fields to a master data carrying info object. This infoobbject is already a part of the item level DSO.

Which approach would be better? Making changes to DSO level or master data and which of this will work?