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Dec 23, 2010 at 03:26 AM

SPM - Help needed for BW datasource loading option



We are trying to prototype a solution and have hit a bottleneck in terms of loading data through BW datasource option.Need some help on the following doubts:

- Datasources are created in the ECC side, replicated in the BI side, relevant entries are maintained in the OPM_Sources tablej, webservices are all active and RSA3 run of the same extractors in the ECC side shows data. SPM UI perform dataload option does show up option of loading data as per the entries maintained in the OPM_SOURCES , however, it results in error ( Validation - Error , Loading - Error ) the moment load starts. Any clues ? also from where can we learn more about the errors and the causes ?

- OPM_SOURCES - Nomenclature followed is as below:

ID - Tech name of source system##datasource name

Source Name - Object_DS - *Any special nomenclature to be followed here

?*Type - As defined in OPDM_Type table

- While loading data into SPM through BW datasource option, is it still mandatory to define import and export folders in the global settings ?

- Global settings - While defining the source system in global settings , does one need to define both the ECC as well as the BI system ?

Any advice on the above points will help us proceed and know the product bettet.