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Dec 22, 2010 at 06:42 PM

How to Get Rid of Contact Person (CP) field within Partner Functions.


Hello Experts,

I'm new to Sales and Distribution and trying to understand the Customer Master Creation process. While creating Customer I'm having a challenge and i need your help to understand & resolve it. Here are the details.

When I try to create Sold-To-Party - 0001 type customer on Partner Function Tab system always ask to provide Contact Person details. If I choose from list then and only then I can save it and not without it. Now I'm wondering is there any way I can remove "Contact Person (CP)" because I only cares about Sold-to-Party (SP), Bill-to-Party (BP), Payer (PY) & Ship-to-Party (SH). I also notice all of these get auto populate with the word 'INTERNAL' which I suspect system gives to the Customer field during customer creation. Please advice how to resolve and Get Rid of Contact Person (CP).

Many thanks in advance.