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Former Member
Dec 22, 2010 at 05:46 PM

Error M7 311 "No Special stock defined for value only material"


I had this in the SD forum however someone suggested to go to the MM forum. Here is my issue

I am receiving an error when trying to receive our demo unit in as an inbound receipt off of an RMA (this is our normal process when we send a demo unit to customer).

The error message is "No special stock defined for value only material" I noticed that the MRP views were not extended so i tried to extend those and it still gives the same error message in our testing client and also created a new RMA to see if same error exists and it does, please advise

NOTE: In our Accounting 1 tab we are not utilizing the valuation category in the Accounting 1 tab of the material master. RMA is a Return of a material for service. Our Demo units after issued to customer for a demo come back using this method to check and service if needed before putting into stock. Material does not have a procurement tab as this is considered as an asset. No split valuation.