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Dec 22, 2010 at 05:39 PM

BW time variables and WebI input controls



I'm working on a BW-WebI scenario for group reporting purposes.

One report consists of a couple of characteristics and two restricted key figures, with different variables per column concerning Fiscalyear/Period. One is for user entry of the actuals and the other is userexit for comparison with the same periods last year.

In the report I want to work with indata controls. This is a very nice way to filter the available data on different dimensions.

I don't want to allow the end users to be able to run the query on the bw database ad they should not have to see any prompts (variable screens). They should just use the indata controls.

Perhaps I do not need any time restricting variables in BW (created in query designer)? Perhaps they will not wok well together with the indata control for the time dimension?

When altering the input values via the indata controls, does this override the values/restrictions set via the prompt (variable)? Can I control both column restrictions via the same input control (since they are based on the same ifo object 0FISCPER in BW?

What is the best practice for handling this scenario?