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Former Member
Dec 22, 2010 at 05:03 PM

Dispute Management Authorization error


Hi guys,

I'm stack with this dispute management auth error. There is no Su53, there is no issue showing up in trace everything is RC=0.

My functional team doing configuration testing in dispute management and having this error that has no error on su53 no trace and they have SAP_ALL plus some roles I assign to them. I searched SDN and I Google it but there is nothing out there that can resolve this issue.

Please give me some idea so I can at least try to resolve this issue. Here is the error:

You are not authorized to perform this action

Message no: SCMG_CASE009


You tried to perform an action for which you do not have authorization

System Response

You can not perform this action


Check whether you are allowed to perform this action

Procedure for system administration

Assign the relevant authorization, if the user is allowed to perform this action

The internal code for the activity is MODI.

Please advice so I can get to the right direction

Thanks in advance