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Dec 22, 2010 at 04:39 PM

Issue with the Sender MAIL Adaptor


Hello Experts,

Currently I am facing issue in the Sender MAIL adaptor where sender communication channel is pinging mailbox server peoperly but as per affected user, few of the mails in the mail box are not getting picked bup by SAP XI.

At the sender we have CC "CCMAILGenericSender" with below details

Transport Protocol: IMAP4

Message Protocol: XIPAYLOAD

URL: imap://

Authontication method: Plain

User authontication: Yes (UID and password mentioned).

Module has been configured to access all the mails from the mailbox.

As I checked the CC in component monitoring, it is functioning fine without any errors. On frequent basis SAP XI is picking up the mails from the mailbox and processing it but still user says few mails are not processed.

But user is complaining that only few mails are getting picked up and rest he has to resend from the third party to the mailbox and after multiple attempts its getting processed by SAP XI.

As mail is picked up by SAP XI, it would be chnged to status "Read" and SAP XI is only picking up "Unread" status messages.

So I confirmed with the user if he is doing any housekeeping job and touching the emails but he is saying no one is touchign the mails and as mails are not getting processed for 1-2 days then he has to manually resend to the same mailbox then SAP XI Pick it up. But there is not consistency in it.

SAP XI details are as given below:

Runtime Environment

Java version: 1.5.0_04

Java vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.


Service pack: 13

Release: 645_VAL_REL

Latest change: 406914

Is this related to SAP Bug? Any SAP Note available? As I checked on SDN but couldnt find any.

Thanks in advance.