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Dec 22, 2010 at 12:22 PM

System not clearing the Payment request items with the payments


HI Everybody,

User getting an issue relating to clearing of the payment request items. In a particular Contract account, it has got 51.75 Pounds of Bank Giro incoming payment. It has contains some 5 items of payment, 3 items of 10.75 and 1 Item of 21.70. The 3 items of 10.75 were cleared 3 payment reqquest items and since there is no due payment requests were there at that time, this 21.70 was showing pending credit item. After two days two payment requests came as due. There are jobs which run daily for FPMA. But this 21.70 is not clearing to this due payemnt requests. I tried to run this FPMA manually for this contract account. But these were not cleared.

Could anybody suggest anything on this why these items were not clearing against each other?

Thanks & Regards