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Former Member
Dec 22, 2010 at 10:21 AM

Batch determ during Order Release - w/o class selection



While Pord ord release , there are no missing parts, and it says me to enter the Batch no. to the components ( which are batch activated with Batch entry '3' - auto batch detem upon order release ). It has correctly picked up the COB2 settings along with Sort rule.

Query 1. Why is it the auto batch determination is not taking place automatically for the components.

Query 2. After failed Auto batch determination, in the compt overview when i select the Compt and do Batch det. it says - batch det for material without selction data, then 'strategy contains no selection specifications'.

But after selecting w/o class selection from menu it successfully does batch determination as per strategy and Sort rules. Can not the system automatically consider 'w/o class selection' and do batch det.