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Apr 29, 2004 at 07:45 PM

WAS 6.4 ABAP + Java (Netweaver '04) ports, Visual Admin how to connect?



I have installed the ABAP WAS from DVD. It is running; I can connect using the Java GUI. Next I installed the J2EE add-in. Installation was successful.

I can see the jlaunch processes running (I have waited for a few hours to see if the server needs time to join the dispatcher):

manolito:nw1adm 13> ps -ef | grep jlaunch

nw1adm 54920 63870 0 12:37:23 - 0:19 /usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/os_libs/jlaunch pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -file=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/SDM/program/config/ -syncSem=1441811 -nodeName=sdm -nodeId=2 -jvmOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/jvm_sdm.out -stdOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/std_sdm.out -locOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/dev_sdm -mode=JCONTROL pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DSAPSTART=1 -DCONNECT_PORT=45844 -DLISTEN_PORT=45845 -DSAPSYSTEM=01 -DSAPSYSTEMNAME=NW1 -DSAPMYNAME=manolito_NW1_01 -DSAPPROFILE=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DFRFC_FALLBACK=ON -DFRFC_FALLBACK_HOST=localhost

nw1adm 55394 63870 0 12:37:23 - 0:18 /usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/os_libs/jlaunch pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -file=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/cluster/ -syncSem=1441811 -nodeName=ID19214450 -nodeId=1 -jvmOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/jvm_server0.out -stdOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/std_server0.out -locOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/dev_server0 -mode=JCONTROL pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DSAPSTART=1 -DCONNECT_PORT=45844 -DLISTEN_PORT=45845 -DSAPSYSTEM=01 -DSAPSYSTEMNAME=NW1 -DSAPMYNAME=manolito_NW1_01 -DSAPPROFILE=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DFRFC_FALLBACK=ON -DFRFC_FALLBACK_HOST=localhost

nw1adm 57328 64146 1 12:38:24 pts/2 0:00 grep jlaunch

nw1adm 64950 63870 0 12:37:23 - 0:14 /usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/os_libs/jlaunch pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -file=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/j2ee/cluster/ -syncSem=1441811 -nodeName=ID19214400 -nodeId=0 -jvmOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/jvm_dispatcher.out -stdOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/std_dispatcher.out -locOutFile=/usr/sap/NW1/DVEBMGS01/work/dev_dispatcher -mode=JCONTROL pf=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DSAPSTART=1 -DCONNECT_PORT=45844 -DLISTEN_PORT=45845 -DSAPSYSTEM=01 -DSAPSYSTEMNAME=NW1 -DSAPMYNAME=manolito_NW1_01 -DSAPPROFILE=/usr/sap/NW1/SYS/profile/NW1_DVEBMGS01_manolito -DFRFC_FALLBACK=ON -DFRFC_FALLBACK_HOST=localhost

manolito:nw1adm 14>

I can also see that some processes are listening on ports

tcp 0 0 *.50117 . LISTEN

tcp 0 0 *.50118 . LISTEN

tcp 0 0 *.50119 . LISTEN

(My instance number is 01)

But I can't connect to the server using "telnet localhost 50108"

I also can't connect using the Visual Admin on port 50104. This works fine with our WAS 6.2 installation running on the same machine.

How can I connect to my WAS 6.4? Is there anything else that I can do to see if it's running? Maybe a new R3 transaction that allows me to see the J2EE processes/ports?

Many thanks,