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Apr 29, 2004 at 05:27 PM

communication between iviews


Hi you all,

I´m trying to develop an iview that must work as a "helper window" for another components in my application.

For instance:

An user must fill a form up in wich an item code is nedeed. This user could type the code directly if he remembers it or click a help button beside the input file in order to a new pop-up window to appear.

In this new window items can be queried against a database by using different criteria (item name or any other kind of item properties) so they appear as a list of hyperlinks. When the user clicks one of them, then the code and name must be passed to the original iview´s form.

It´s quite easy with jsp, java and javascript but i don´t know how to do this kind of comunication in the client side with an EP 6.0 Dynpage as i´m using htmlb and i can´t make reference to them.

I´ve tried to do the same in the server side following the instructions in tutorials: Using a bean to store the option clicked. I don´t like the reult as i don´t want my iviews to reload.

Examples of shopping carts in the portal don´t work (i receive errors) and links to access sample code fail too.

i would appreciate if someone could tell me where to find any example or just to give me an idea...

thanks in advance.