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Dec 22, 2010 at 06:20 AM

Webi with BW hierarhcy node level access?



I am currently working in a BO/BW project (BO XI3.1 SP3, BW 7.01 SP6) where we are using a BW Profit Centre hierarchy in Webi.

The setup is BW cube, BW query, Universe and then Webi report.

The profit centre hierarchy node levels are displayed as L00, L01, L02 and so on up til L15.

The security concept should be based on BW profit centre hierarchy nodes at different node levels using BW roles.

A very simple report may look like a flat table with:

L03 PCH, L04PCH, Amount

For a full access user the report works fine.

But for a user with a specifc node level access to node e.g. L03 in BW, the webi report shows the correct total amount but the node levels are all shifted. In this case the report would actually show L06 and L07 content instead.

(L06 PCH), (L07PCH), Amount

The data seem to have an offset by 3 from the root node L00. (I guess this is because the webi contains the L03 as a first node)

Have anyone had the same experience and are there any way around it?