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Dec 21, 2010 at 02:33 PM

Intercompany Matching Sign Values error


Dear experts,

we are running the ICDATA logic for Interompany matching.

Below you can find my Input data:

Entity| Interco | Amount | Account |Datasrc

A | I_B | 30 | Asset1 | Input

B | I_A | 30 | Liability1 | Input

when the package runs, the following 4 lines are created:

Entity| Interco | Amount | Account |Datasrc

A | I_B | - 30 | Asset1 | Debit1

B | I_A | -30 | Asset1 | Debit2

B | I_A | 30 | Liability1 | Credit1

A | I_B | 30 | Liability1 | Credit2

My problem is that In the BW cube the amount posted for the Asset1 Account which has an Acctype AST has a negative value.

For this reason when i create the IC Matching report the same amount is displayed positive and the Total Debit1 + Debit2 does not equal to 0 but it is shown as 60.

It seems that since the system shows all AST and INC amounts with a negative sign in excel and my posted amount is negative in the cube then the system runs the logic (-30)x(-1) = 30 which produces a wrong result.

The How-to guide provides an example where all created debit and credit lines have a positive sign and not negative.

Has anyone ever came across this issue? When you run the ICDATA report how are your amounts posted in the BW cube?

We run BPC for NW SAPK-75004INCPMBPC

Thank tou in advance,

Best Regards,