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help with Sizing

Hi All

I am working with MDM Sizing Guide. Can you help me to understand what are differences between:

The repositories used for measurements are:

�� BP STD (Business Partner Standard) - standard repository for business partners

�� BP EXT (Business Partner Extended) - business partner BO as defined in the ESR

�� SRM - standard SRM repository

�� MATERIALS - standard materials repository

I do not know which one I need to use for my calcullatation. I think it is BP STD but I would like to be sure.

If you have any link where I can read more about difference for all that repositories please poste it.

Can you also help with, how should I calculate for example RAM.

In the guide:

there is the formula: f(x)=p1*x+p2

will i get result for the whole server (i have to sume all records for all repositories)?

Or that fornula is for only one repository, for reposotory number 2 I have to calculate again. Then I will have to sum all results to have RAM necessary?

Thank you in advance for explenation.



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2 Answers

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    Dec 22, 2010 at 09:12 AM

    Hi Rafal,

    The sizing guide of MDM 7.1 formulas are based on these 4 different repositories schemas (BP STD, BP EXT, SRM and Materials).

    These 4 schemas represent overall 4 different common repository designs.

    Based on the repository you are sizing you should choose to relate to the closest one of the 4.

    In the sizing guide please notice that in the guide's appendix the schema itself is detailed to the level of fields so you can try to correlate between the repository you are sizing and the schema used (in terms of number of tables and fields).

    For example, if have a standard Customers/ Vendors repository, you should relate to the BP STD.

    If you have an extended Customers/ Vendors (you took the standard content and extended it with additional fields/ tables) repository you should relate to the BP EXT.

    If you have a Products/ Materials repository, you should relate to the Materials.

    Let's say you choose to relate to the BP STD and that in the main table of the repository you have <100k records.

    In the RAM table that related to the 1st upper left rubric :P1=0.0132 P2=0.565.

    The calculation is:

    f(x) = p1*x + p2

    X is the number of expected concurrent users.

    If you have more than one repository on the same server or if you have more than one main table in a repository, you should do the calulation seperatly for each repository on the server or each main table and then sum the results.

    Best regards,

    Hedda Cohen.

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      Thank you for replay. I got my calculation. Can you help me with final step?

      I got numbers, for example for Sizing CPU f(x) =6500

      How can I understand that number?

      From my calculation Memory should be 10 GB do you think that is OK, or I made some mistake?

      Thank you for help.



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    Dec 21, 2010 at 09:23 PM

    Hello Rafal

    As for me better way select bigger coefficient for your calculations.

    Your system perfomance depend by many factors like as count of validations and assignments, count active workflows in your system ets.

    Business packages are contain standard (expanded) functionality(repository structure, validations, assignments, workflows, map ets.) that enough for working with standard SAP.

    If you will be use SAP MDM for custom solution - sizing process is very individual.

    Relative to your last question.

    If at our SAP MDM Server working more than one repository at same time we are usually summarize all requirements.

    I don't think so bigger RAM and HDD size wil be very impact to your server cost.


    Kanstantsin Chernichenka

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