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Dec 21, 2010 at 01:23 PM

Unit of Measure


Hello ,

Need your advise on following scenario.

We have SAP ECC 6.0 with scenario Procurement of material from E Catlogue(third party system). When we create PR through ME51N , we push button of Catelogue(This button is activated when we configure web service) SAP takes you to third party system (for catlogue)and picks material from there with the unit of measure mentioned over there.

Now when we picks material from catlogue having UOM PC and in SAP the base unit of measure of this material is SET then while creating PR system picks base unit of measure SET even though in catlogue unit of measure is PC. System picks all other data correctly from catlogue.(qty etc.)

My question is what we have to do to translate base unit of measure into catlogue unit of measure? We have maintained alternate unit of measure in material master as 1SET=20 PC also.

Thanks & Regards,