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Former Member
Dec 21, 2010 at 12:26 PM

To recall the approved workitem back into the approver's UWL


Dear Experts,

My client needs unique requirement in SRM 7.0

In the approval process of workitem, after the second level of approver has approved the workitem, the workitem will be

nomore in the inbox of the second lever approver and it would have gone into the inbox of the third level approver.

Now my client requires due to business needs, if the second level approver wants to recall the approved workitem, how he can recall the same worktiem back into his inbox.( Reqeuester recall functionlaity does not comply with my client requirement and hence not willing to use Requester recall functionality)

Secondly after it has been recalled into the second level approver and doing some changes and agian after reapproving, the workitem should continue the existing workflow sequence rather than triggering from the beginning.

Can anybody tell me how to accomplish this requirement in standard SRM system, if not any workaround.

With Regards,