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Dec 21, 2010 at 09:45 AM

AA402: Error when posting write up


Dear all,

I have a strange business situation where I need to post a write up in the acquisition year of a fixed asset. The history:

An asset (capizalized on Sept. 1, 2010) was transferred from company code A to company code B at November 30th, 2010 (ABT1N). In company code A, the asset had a depreciation life time of 5 years, in company code B, the life time was 3 years. Due to this fact, in company code B, the depreciation run posted additional CHF 5'539.79 of depreciation. 5 days later, the accountant realized that he transferred the wrong asset. So, the asset was transferred back from company code B to a new asset in company code A, but of course with the reduced net book value. Now, we would like to write up the incorrect depreciation amount of 5'539.79 to the asset in company code A, but the system does not allow write-ups to an asset during the acquisition year. Is there any way to adjust the accumulated depreciation of an asset? PS: It is no longer possible to post back to November as the books for this period are already closed in both company codes.

Many thanks for your help

Roland Keller