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Apr 27, 2004 at 08:04 PM

bugs & code generation problems (Sneak Preview II) !



We have built some larger Web Dynpro projects (containing multiple wd components) and are regularly experiencing major problems, that we unfortunately can't reproduce (yet?)

The problem often starts with some inconsistency in the code. E.g. corrected changes are always undone, as soon as the meta data is saved. The only a rebuild and/or a restart of NDS seems to help.

But.. later on code for the wd component having the problems before, isn't being (re)generated anymore. Actually the \gen_wdp\<component> package does exist anymore at all, nor is it being re-generated.

However, for the other components (re)generation works fine; even if their \gen_wdp\ packages are empty.

The only solution that works in (most) cases, is to start all over again with a recent copy of such an corrupted (?) wd component. We takes LOTS of time :(((

Rebuild nor Repair (project level or component level)seems to help.

Our question: can we force a total rebuild in some way or solve such code generation problems in any other way?

Any tips would we really appreciated!!