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Apr 27, 2004 at 11:28 AM

Exchange of data between two User-Exits MBCF0002 and MB_CF001



I'm using exits MBCF0002 (EXIT_SAPMM07M_001) and MB_CF001 (EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001) for material movements.

In EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001, data is transferred to a subsystem. Some of the data for the subsystem must be provided in the segment-text field sgtxt (no other standard field without checks and enough space). But: In EXIT_SAPMM07M_001, the segment-text is replaced by the material-text (this is needed to make the material visible in the accounting document).

Since both function exits belong to the same function group and share a TOP-Include, I thought, it should be possible to exchange data from EXIT_SAPMM07M_001 to EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001:

Now, EXIT_SAPMM07M_001 builds an internal table (data-declaration in shared top-include) of all lines and their original texts in sgtxt before replacing it with the material text. Unfortunately, this internal table is initial (no entries) again in EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001.

Is the data in the internal table gone because EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001 is called in update task?

Any other advises, how data could be transferred from the first to the second exit?

Thanx for any help, Kathrin!