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Dec 21, 2010 at 04:32 AM

BUS20900 is not instanced when WF start with no trigg. event CRM7 WEB UI


Hi everyone.

Weu2019re in CRM 7 with Case Management solution, I have created a workflow based on BOR BUS20900 (Case Management) and this WF was linked to an CRM Action in SPRO to be start it when the document CASE is saved.

The workflow doesnu2019t have any triggering event to be started, as I said, Itu2019s called directly from the Action in CRM-Case.

The main parameter in the Workflow container is ZCASE (BUS20900), {input, output], and It is a global parameter, even the Action in CRM was set using this BUS20900 to define a new Action of the CASE.

My problem is related with the WF parameter ZCASE because when the workflow is called from the CRM Action, this parameter from the Container in Workflow is not instanced with any value, instead of this, Workflow creates in a runtime mode, a new parameter (just seen in the workflow Log) called BUSINESSOBJECT with type SWC_VALUE, and WF populates this parameter with the unique key for the CASE like:

4D0D16FAD5A1004AE10080000A01DE20 BUS20900 BO

My question and my problem is that ZCASE is not being filled (instanced) with the value for the object BUS20900 and It should be natural!!.

How should I set the Action in CRM or the Workflow to have this parameter (ZCASE) with the value JUST WHEN WORKFLOW STARTS and no programming any assignation to this variable or doing any container operation.

I thing this assignation for the value to the parameter ZCASE when the workflow start, should be automatic when I define the action in CRM and the workflow with the same BO (BUS20900).

I hope being clear enough for you to understand my issue. Pls let me know if you need any extra explanation

Thanks a lot