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Dec 20, 2010 at 06:39 PM

Sender SOAP Adapter



Could anyone explain in detail the stpes for SOAP Sender Adapter?

In the ID/IB we only provide the transport protocol as HTTP and message protocol as SOAP 1.1. But how does the communication happen?

Do we need a RFC destination to be created? And does third party the sender need to configure anything?

And I found that the sender need to send the data in the following format.

http://<hostname>:<port>/ XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet? channel=<party>:<service>:<channel>

How do they do this?

Could you also explain this with an example? Does the hostname and port means the target host and port defined in SM59?

I am using a busniness system in my case . What does <party> mean??

Does Service mean the Service Interface? and channel means teh communication channel we will create in ID?

For e.g. my host name is, port is 8085, service interface is is PO_REQUEST_OB_SI, Communication channle is ABC_SOAP_SENDER, then what should be the URL?

will it be http://<>:<8085>/ XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet? channel= : :

OR XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet? channel=party:PO_REQUEST_OB_SI:ABC_SOAP_SENDERl

Please explain in detail.