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Dec 20, 2010 at 05:10 PM

How to resset the B1Site Pswd when Server Database Credential is grayed out


Hello experts,

one of my client forgot the B1Site user and then I cannot upgrade to a most recent pl in 8.8

I know the regular procedure goes as follow:

1. Open SAP Business One Server Manager

2. From the Drop down list choose License manager

3. Click on Settings

4. Click on "Configure Security"

5. Click on "Change Site password"

6. Validate Credentials byServer Database credentials

7. Fill in Database type (MSSQL 2005 or 2008)

8. Fill In the Database Server (Name or IP of SQL Server)

9. Fill in User name (e.g. 'SA') and fill in the related password for the chosen user

10. Type in "New Site Password

11. Repeat (confirm) the "New Site password

My problem is that the u201CServers Database Credentialsu201D is grayed out and I cannot fill in the fields. I tried to do a run as admin on the Service manager as a domain admin but it does not work.

I tried to desinstall/reinstall server tools but it does not work.

The way it is setup is that I have MSSQL on one machine, and Service Manager on another oneu2026

Any idea?