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Dec 20, 2010 at 02:50 PM

IC Action Box. How can see the transactions/URL being called?.


We've recently had an upgrade from CRM 4 to 7 and now need to change the Action box entries as displayed in IC for the Winclient because we now intend tous e the webclient, which I believe uses the Transaction launcher.

I believe I should be okay with the transaction launcher, but what I can't work out is how the current action box is defined. If I execute transaction CIC0 in the SAP CRM 7 GUI I can see all the action box entries. I can also see these if I look at transaction EWFC0, but I can't work what transaction is being processed. One of the action-box options is obviously displaying a web-site as well, but agaiin I can't see what this webiste when looking at transaction EWFC0.

What other transactions display the settings for the action box entries?.

I can find a guide for setting up the transaction launcher, but I can find nothing for setting up the action box. I know I don't what to set this up, but I do need to find a way of viewing what transaction/URL's are being called. Once I know this I can then set up the transaction launcher with the same details and have the Webclient IC have the same functionality as winclient IC in terms of calling transactions.