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Apr 24, 2004 at 11:35 AM

transport problem


Hello All,

I have created a new info object WDW_PCB with character length as 1.This is a flag.I have two master data info objects WDW_CUST and WVM_CUSTO.Both of these info objects are having this WDW_PCB object as attributes.All other attributes are also same for these info obejcts.WDW_CUST is loaded via flat file.and WVM_CUSTO is laoded via WDW_CUST.Once loading is completed fopr WDW_CUST ,i have done export datasources and replicated it so that i can load WVM_CUSTO.I have transported teh datasources to T-system from D-system .Everything is working fine in T-system also.But when the same request is transported from D-system to P-system,It is not getting transported giving error.The error is "The data source 8WDW_CUST does not contain WDW_PCB.I checked the transported data source.It contains thementioned info obejct.But still getting the error .Very strange..

Need help very urgently.