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Dec 20, 2010 at 04:40 AM

Internal subcontracting between two plants


Dear All,

Please help me with the below Internal subcontracting scenario

1. I have two plants 1000 & 1100 (Company code 1000)

2. 1100 plant buy raw material for FG1, due to machine unavailability, It give Sub contracting PO to 1000 plant to manufacture the FG1,

3. Material master, BOM, Routing maintained for FG1 in plant 1000.

4. Raw materials RM1 ,RM2 were issued to plant 1000 using 541 movement & Subcontracting challan.

How the same raw materials RM1 ,RM2 material can be received in plant 1000 & How the manufactured FG1 can be delivered back to plant 1100.

pls suggest a better process.