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Former Member
Apr 22, 2004 at 08:39 PM

How to Handle Popup Window (DatePicker)


Hi there,

is there a sure way to build a popup window (here: for date picking purposes)?

I've realized two ways:

a) wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager.createWindow(...)

b) wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager.createExternalWindow(...)

The way (a) builds up a modal popup. The problems I have got with this is especially connected to the size of the pop up. In my case, if I set the windows size, this has no effect; the window is a bit too small and this is really disturbing when moving through the months.

The way (b) builds up a non-modal popup, where an WD-application is referred (and so has to be defined before) as the window URL. Setting size and position works, but no question, a non-modal popup window has it's own disadvantages (if the base view is changed by the user and after this, the user cares about the popup).

Any hints how to implement this well? Any standard way known for this question (I think it's a standard task)?

The best would be, to get the modal popup appear just beneath the input field for the date.

Thanks in advance