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Dec 18, 2010 at 11:41 PM

How to display null values in a table?


Hello guys,

I have a webi report with months in the columns and some measures in the nrows. This report gets its data from a BEx query, that have two structures: in columns a structure with months and in rows a structure with ratios. The BEx query ask for a month and fills columns from january to the month given. The other columns remain empty.

The Universe generated from the BEx query has a unique dimension wich represents the structure for columns (months) and the ratios in the structure of rows.

In the webi report I need the same functionality, say all 12 months being displayed, but the webi report only shows the columns (months) with data; the months without data are not displayed, but I need to show all 12 months, no mattetr what month supply the user. How I can get this functionality?

Thank you