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Apr 22, 2004 at 11:28 AM

Problems with Selection in Table / Context


Hi there,

the following problem seems to be a bug:

Create a table, selectionMode auto or multi, with a context bound to it with cardinality and selection 0..n.

When the table shows up the first time (and there are some lines filled), the first row seems to be selected (orange, not yellow). If you press a button and ask all elements in the action method if they are multiselected, this is false for all!

If instead you click on the first element (not on the checkbox, but on the content), the element you click on gets focus, and now, clicking the button, you see that this element is selected - even if there is no difference in the visual selection state.

Additional remark: Within the IWDNode API I would expect the methods:

- Iterator getMultiSelectedElements()

- void multiSelectAll()

Thanks in advance