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Apr 22, 2004 at 11:22 AM

Clustering questions



I'm trying to set up a WAS 6.40 Java Cluster. I know how to add a node with the config tool, but I need to restart the whole server in order start the new node and see it in the MMC panel. Is there a way to start a new node without restarting everything?

I've read in the administration pdf that there are primary and secondary nodes, and that a cluster must at least contain one primary node. But when I look at the property file of the cluster manager, there is no server with the "DependentElement" set to false but the cluster works. So is that part of the administration documentation deprecated?

Another thing is the Communication between cluster nodes. Do they communicate directly or through the message server?

I also wanted to run the WAS on multiple hosts. So I need to reinstall the whole server on the other host? If I do that I will have a new database on that host too. Isn't possible to avoid the reinstallation of the Database? Or do I need a database on each host?

When I dont touch the server for a long time, the P4 port (50004) gets closed, and there is no way to connect to the system with the visual administrator. How can I "wake up" this port without restarting the WAS ?

Last thing, the icon representing a dispatcher is a red light. That's a bit confusing, does it mean that my dispatcher has a problem?

Thank you very much in advance.