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Former Member
Dec 17, 2010 at 02:54 PM



Hi all,

i would like to know where the system make calculation of KOMP-NETWR

I know which is the standard behaviour.

I know that in the internal field komp-netwr there are included all conditions which are non statistical and active.

(taxes are excluded).

But if I set a condition as statistical, this condition has no influence to the komp-netwr but it will be not transfer to FI. Because only all active condtions which are non statistical are transfer to FI.

So i have a condition that has to transfer in FI (NOT STATISTICAL AND ACTIVE) , but i don't want that this condition is included in the KOMP-NETWR field.

How can i create my own formula to exclude this condition from the komp-netwr?

Thanks a lot in advance