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Dec 17, 2010 at 01:19 PM

Values for variable in BEx query


Hello, colleagues!

I have a trouble with a searching values for info object in a query.

I've designed a variable (type: catacteristic value; processing by: manual input; reference caracteristic: 0customer; variable represents: selection option; variable is: optional; variable is ready for input). Master data for 0customer is loaded and activated. When I run query and try to choose value for 0customer I can't see any one. I even can't search by key. If I write number by hands, system alert will appear: "Value "881502" does not exist; enter a different value". But I have 881502 in maaster data.

My test user has rights: S_RS_AUTH, S_RS_COMP, S_RS_COMP1, S_RS_DAS, S_RS_FOLD, S_RS_HIER, S_RS_ICUBE, S_RS_IOBC, S_RS_IOBJ, S_RS_IOMAD, S_RS_ISET, S_RS_MPRO, S_RS_TOOLS, S_RS_PARAM. Maybe I need something else?

Other variables in query work fine. If I do it with my own user, all is fine.

Please, help me.