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Dec 17, 2010 at 12:44 PM

New EDI config


For truck shipment, when a delivery created and saved, EDI Z105 output is triggered to vendor AMR or (VN partner) as an u201CORGu201D (IDOC Qualifier: Origin) mode. When changes is made and saved in the delivery, a new EDI Z105 output is triggered again as u201CCHGu201D (IDOC Qualifier: change) mode to vendor. If a delivery is required to delete from the system, the delivery qty is needed to change to zero and save the delivery. Upon saved Z105 output will trigger as a u2018CANu2019(IDOC Qualifier: Cancel) mode to vendor before the delivery get deleted from the system. Once vendor AMR or Translace received the Z105 u2018CANu2019 mode message, they should inform the actual carrier not to pick up the shipment load from the cancel shipping point location. Often time, miscommunication or messages did not get to the carrier about the cancel shipment. To avoid the cumbersome of miscommunication, in addition of the EDI Z105 output to vendor AMR or Translace, we would like to trigger the Z114 Cancel Booking output to the shipping point location when Z109 u201CCANu2019 mode is triggered. Z116 Cancel Booking u2013output (Form ZS_CARRIER_AS) is only available in transmission medium 1 as print output and medium 2 as fax output.. Currently, it is a manual process by user to trigger the Z114output

My client want to automate the Z114 output as email or fax medium to shipping point location as and when EDI Z105 output u201CCANu201D mode trigger.

Can u suggest the configuration .